Digital Tenancy Onboarding for 2021 & Beyond

Digital Tenancy Onboarding

The two trends that are accelerating in the social housing sector are digital tenant onboarding and online payments. Straight through Processing (STP) and data integration allows this to happen through having access to the data (facilitating two-way data flow) and having a defined and controlled process that guides the tenant through each online step.

After the tenant has completed the digital onboarding process a whole range of features are opened up, some of which are the ability to set up the first rent payment, set up a direct debit, manage arrears, report repairs and a host of other tenant centric tasks.

Once all the tenant data is digitised the RSL has the ability to offer better value and services to the tenant, which may include making better informed data driven decisions and the ability to transfer the tenant to a new house or provider without the need to repeat the onboarding process.

There are huge benefits for the tenant and the RSL, listed below.

The VerseOne Digital Tenancy Onboarding module can operate as a fully integrated feature of the VerseOne Resident Self-Service Portal, or as a standalone module that complements your existing website and portal solution.

How has technology helped housing associations during the pandemic?

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Benefits to RSLs

  • Low touch delivery - efficiency leads to cost and time savings
  • Secure and auditable data and processes for regulatory compliance 
  • COVID safe for staff to deliver services 
  • Process is customisable, defined, structured and error free 
  • Interoperability - tenant data is digitised so it is easier to share – once a digital tenant, always a digital tenant 
  • Use business intelligence to inform data driven decision making

Benefits to Tenants

  • Convenience - onboarding & offboarding via a digital process at the time of day that suits the tenant
  • Convenience - ability to perform a wide range of online tasks at the time of day that suits the tenant
  • Security - a secure onboarding process whereby tenant data is protected 
  • Safety - a low/zero touch solution which is COVID safe 

Other advantages

  • Upload/update your documents 
  • Sign tenancy agreements and direct debits online 
  • Make the initial rent payment online
  • Virtual viewings - video, images, 3D tours


of respondents said yes when asked 'Has Covid19 and the lockdowns accelerated your digital plans?'

- VerseOne Survey 2021


of respondents said, They wanted to drive efficiencies' from offering customer self-service.

- VerseOne Survey 2021

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79% of the landlords surveyed were looking to realise better efficiencies through adopting digital innovation.

- 2018 CIH report entitled “Going digital, gearing up for the future

"Customers want their enquiry dealt with, they don’t particularly care who deals with it as long as it is dealt with in a timely fashion."

- Dean Ballard, Head of Customer Insight at Stonewater Housing